Monday, September 20, 2010

Working the Dream, part 1's Monday at 11:05 am, and I'm at home watching T.V. and writing this post. I'm definitely living the dream.

Most of you know my wife and I moved to Nashville, TN to pursue career interests: I came to pursue making a living at playing music, she came to start a gluten-free baking company/store. I left the ministry to do this, and also because I wanted a break from it. We were going to blog about this big life change, and call it "Living the Dream". I changed it to "Working the Dream", because that is exactly what we're doing; we're working hard at putting food on the table AND doing what we feel like we were made to do.

Let me say this: no one, family or friends or colleagues, has called us crazy. Maybe they do it behind our backs! I admit, I had a pretty good job, ministry or otherwise. Being a worship minister is certainly not a bad gig in a lot of ways. Ministry in general, however, can be difficult in many ways, too. I'll cover some of these in later posts. We didn't just change our lives to do something, we changed them to do something different: to shake off complacency and ease. There's a lot about working at a church that is wonderful; there are some things that I'd had my fill of. I already miss the former; I'm elated that I'm not dealing with the latter.

So, we moved, got jobs, and I've lost almost 20 lbs. I'm an employee of a Large Organic Food Retailer, and I'm looking for any opportunity to play, write songs and listen to other artists. I'm also looking for ministry opportunities, but not the kind I can get paid for. I've always wanted to play music for a living, and I've been blessed to do that for almost 14 years. But I'm interested in doing that in a different way, in starting a new adventure.

So, when you see a post entitled, "Working the Dream", you'll know that it's an update on our pursuit of our passions. Many people say that the worst part of not taking a chance is never knowing what could have been. That sounds like an excerpt from a trite couplet, at best. I suppose it's also true.