Friday, July 03, 2009

The Late Friday Night Ponderous Post

It's late Friday night. I'm done recording for the evening. The more pensive side of me notices that I've not posted anything in nearly a month. Given that I used to post every week, sometimes twice a week, I suppose I should say why.

I've been busy, of course. And, I've also covered most of what I've wanted to say regarding God, church and ministry. Music, on the other hand, still is a vast untapped resource. The podcast, UU#1, has done well, and people have listened. I hope to do that more regularly in the fall.

The big thing about not posting for a month is that it allows you to decompress your thoughts. I've still got a lot of 'em. But, I've been pouring my attention into songwriting, and most of my free time goes there.

Songs. I've got a ton of 'em. If I had to count, I'd say around 150. Many are not good, but some are decent. I watched a DVD today of my old band, Jonas and the Big Tree, and I was impressed. Not only was the playing good, but some of the songs were decent. I was encouraged by that.

My friend Tim mentions the book "Outliers" quite a bit. I've not read it, but I know the premise. Those who are successful have put in roughly 10,000 hours of time to become successful. They are also in the right place and the right time. I wonder if I've put in 10,000 hours in on either music or ministry. I think I have with music. I used to play guitar for hours every day. Sometimes, I still do.

When I was younger, all I ever wanted to do was play in a band. I didn't have to sing, or write songs, I just wanted to play. I still love the feeling of playing, almost more than playing and singing. I could do it for 10,000 hours (that's around 417 days) and not get tired of it. In the 23 years I've been playing guitar, I've never taken a break from it, never gotten sick of it.

It's hard to believe that I'm old enough to have done anything for 23 years. But, when God wires you a certain way to do a certain thing, it's quite believable. You want to do it a lot. I'm not quite sure that the Purpose Driven life concept is how I understand how we figure out what God made us to do. I don't think He gifted us for careers as much as He gives abilities to honor Him and enjoy life. Whether you get paid for it is quite a different manner. Ask most musicians. Or most people.

Then again, I do believe that you should do what you love, if possible, for money. For your livelihood. Nothing wrong with that. That way, you probably get to spend more time on it. It also might become a burden, but that's the chance you take. My goal is that, in some way, I earn my living from music (So far, so good). In that, there is ministry, even if it's not always full-time church ministry.

So, after a "recording session" (if my late night office recording can be termed as such), I'm waxing philosophical after a particularly rewarding few hours. It's times like this that I miss my grandfather, who loved to play as well. I'm grateful for that, and feel that his and my father's influence of music is a great heritage for me, and for my son. Yeah, that might sound a little weird, the word "heritage", but what else would you call a passion handed down through three generations (now working ont he fourth!). And, it wasn't like we got the family business. There was never any pressure. It just happened. Us Evans men like our music, and I feel that deeply.

Like Garth from "Wayne's World" (yeah, "Wayne's World") said at the end of a ripping drum solo at a music store, "I like to play". Put a guitar in my hands and I'm instantly more at ease, no matter what the situation. My question for you is this: what makes you feel like this? You don't have to answer it here, of course. But, maybe just ponder it: what did God wire within you that, when you do it or experience it, makes you feel right? God is the answer to the question of what makes you feel complete. I understand that. But, what did God give you that makes you feel Think about that for a little bit. And then, thank Him.


Tim said...

I have not referenced Outliers in at least a month.

Still. Good post, makes me a bit jealous. More so I mean.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have any musicians in my family background. But, my grandfather was a Pentecostal Pastor. Whenever I attended any family functions at my grandparents home in Maumee(Thanksgiving, Christmas), my grandfather was without fail in the living room preaching the gospel from his bible for what seemed like hours and hours :)

Only now, at age 36, do I wish that I would have listened more intently to him preaching.

I recently had him sign my new Scofield.


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