Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Sampler Pak Post

I've got several short things to share today.

First, Uncommonly Uncool, this here blog that you are reading, has hit the 10,000 mark. In the interest of full disclosure, I am including the posts from my old location in that total. It is the same blog after all. To celebrate, I plan on cracking open a diet Black Cherry Jones Soda.

Second, there are a multitude of musical releases I'm excited about. Pearl Jam's "Ten" reissue; Newly-reformed Superdrag's "Industry Giants"; U2's "No Line on the Horizon" may be pretty decent despite the lackluster single "Get on Your Boots"; The Lost Dogs' "Route 66" project (audio and video) and my own Double Downbeats release, "Get Nowhere". Maybe I shouldn't call it a release as much as a giving of CD's to a few of my friends. But, technically, I will be "releasing" it into the wild of the world. Or, as Elvis Presley would have said, it's "escaping", like a mysterious, Yeti-liked creature climbing out of the cave.

Third, the world is disturbing and greedy place, kiddies. From internet providers planning to get fees from large corporations for more bandwidth to my own phone company charging me $55 for phone internet that I couldn't even use on my phone at the time, we see that irresponsibility and greed are joined at the hip. Bernie Madoff and Rod Blagojevich are not alone in their lack of integrity, honesty and fairness. Not even close. As if we needed another reason why people need Jesus.

Fourth, God is amazing, as usual. A student shared with me how giving an offering in turned blessed him roughly five times over. As is His custom, He's teaching anyone with an open heart and mind how He works. Good on Him. And good on those with ears to hear.

And finally, there's a midnight showing of "Watchmen" this Thursday/Friday in K-Town. I'm tempted. I enjoy the midnight shows that our little theater in our little town holds. Hopefully I'll be in tow with my dark chocolate Raisinettes and my diet Coke.

I'll have a non-hodgepodge, proper post coming soon. In the interim, I'll leave you with Bret's karaoke song from Sunday's "Flight of the Conchords" episode. Enjoy, kiddies!


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