Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Misty, Water-colored Memories of...Hot Fudge?

I recently had a conversation about old school kids shows. Everyone started naming off the shows that they remember and, as I usually do, created a lull in the back-and-forth when I started naming shows that I really liked. "The Great Space Coaster" and "Hot Fudge" were two shows that I really liked when I was a kid. No one who I was talking to knew about them. As evidenced by my links here, I did NOT dream them! Also, for all you NW Ohio kiddies, "Patches and Pockets" was something you surely remember and watched. We all probably have our regional shows, produced on shoestring budgets by local stations. But "Space Coaster" and "Fudge" were syndicated shows. It doesn't help my case that Googling "Hot Fudge" a while ago yielded nothing, while now it will give you many entries, and many Youtube links so that you can see why I liked it: it was really trippy.

It turns out that "Hot Fudge" was a local-ish show, however, produced by channel 7 in Detroit. I can still sing the show's bumper music in my head: "Hot fudge, right on, whoa! Hot fudge, right on, comin' atcha now", and so on and so forth in that fashion. Nonsensical, sure, but the music was cool, sounding just like a great Detroit rhythm band played it, which they probably did. Now you've got mounds of yuck like "Kids Bop" for our children to hear. At least we've got "Yo Gabba Gabba" (the slightly creepy uncle of "Hot Fudge") and They Might Be Giants and BNL doing kids music. Nothing, however, as funky as "Hot Fudge", baby!

All that weird, seemingly random stuff that you and I experienced when we were kids has shaped us. Hopefully, you're still having those experiences. I did this fall when I visited Nashville's Studio B. For me, it was one of those "Hot Fudge" moments; it was something that would stick with me, ironically like so much actual hot fudge.

Studio B hosted all kinds of country artists. In the 1960's it was the place Elvis Presley preferred to record, because it was only a few hours from his home in Memphis. There is a piano in that studio that Elvis tried to buy on several occasions because of its amazing sound. The studio would not sell it to him. My son, Dylan, asked if he could play the piano. He did not know this, but, I, too, really wanted to play it. Sure, it's a tenuous connection with greatness, but one I would have loved to experience. I'm not quite sure of all the reasons why I feel so right when I'm involved with music, but it feels like breathing to me. And, playing that piano would have been like breathing in some great, home-baked cookies.

I can't remember what movie this quote is from, but there's an older man telling a younger man that "at the end of life, all you have are the experiences". There's some great Bible in that quote, namely that, when you face the, well, face of God, all you'll have is the stuff you did or didn't do. All you'll have are the experiences.

We had a weekend of service in our student ministry this past Saturday and Sunday. We served at a church who gives out free breakfast on Saturdays (and they do food distribution on Sundays), and then we collected cans for our local food bank on Sunday night, with forty students trudging through the winter and, toward the end, the rain, to collect food for people who need it. No doubt some of them will remember these experiences, and for a few, it may shape their world view. They chose to have good experiences this last weekend, experiences that they can be proud of when Jesus asks for their account of what went down. Whether it's "Hot Fudge", Studio B or serving people food, use your time wisely, and go for the good experiences that shape you, and shape your eternity. Why waste your time on anything else?

Check out some "Hot Fudge" goodness

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Lish said...

I remember Patches and Pockets and The Great Space Coaster (had totally forgotten about that...thanks for the memories...and the theme I can't get out of my head!), but I don't recall Hot Fudge.

We used to get all the Canadian kids' shows too, like Mr. Dressup and The Friendly Giant, etc. so I don't know how I missed Hot Fudge.